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Most entrepreneurs and small business owners need financing to start, build, and grow a businesses. When acquired and used properly, financing is an investment in growing a business to achieve goals and dreams. When acquired incorrectly or used poorly, financing will hurt cash-flow and/or damage relationships and decrease the chances of business success.

Getting financing is hard enough to obtain for established companies and even harder for new & startup companies in the businesses first two years of existence. Some can?t get financing & others get the wrong financing & pay too much or even worse, give up ownership/ control. Another problem is when businesses pledge collateral when the small business owner could have obtained financing without collateral or the small business owner pledges an excessive amount of collateral when obtaining their financing.

Everything starts here. A small business owner must know the business credit & financing options. When a small business owner understands the business credit & financing options the small business owner will greatly increase the chances of getting the financing needed to start, build, and grow a business.

The report compiled highlights the 16 best and most common used small business financing options for any small business owner established or first starting out. The report explains in great detail the equity and debt options available for any small business. The result will allow any small business owner to Take Action. Theodore Roosevelt said, ?In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.?

To read the full report on the 16 Best & Most Common Business Financing Options for a Small Business click here.

The INC500 company Hawkeye Management connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with up to $ 50,000-$ 150,000 or more in freely spendable business credit lines. Hawkeye Management understands the mechanics and realities of small business credit better than anyone. Hawkeye Management knows what works, what doesn?t work, and how small businesses can get the credit it needs as quickly as possible.

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