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Just about any kind of event content can be made mobile-ready in minutes with MeetingZilla (http://www.meetingzilla.com), the newest software solution from online registration gurus ABC Signup.

With MeetingZilla, event administrators publish their event content in a mobile format that?s simple to navigate, online 24/7 and free. Seriously, it?s free.

MeetingZilla?s web-based, content management tools allow users to place all of the pertinent content ? such as the event agenda, venue information, maps and directions, speaker bios, evaluation forms and more ? at participants? digital fingertips anytime, anywhere.

?Event participants have gone mobile, and so should your event,? said Todd Chandler, president of parent company JTC Technologies. ?MeetingZilla provides an incredibly simple and cool technology-based alternative to the waste of paper, time and resources typically incurred with hard-copy event materials.?

MeetingZilla is an Internet content tool, not an app. There are no uploads through an app store or waiting for updates. Users simply log in through the Internet to access the secure system, where they are able to choose basic design themes, add a logo then enter or upload all of the relevant content, including information about the event, the venue, exhibits, presenters, activities and much more. Administrators can access the web-based tools anytime to make last minute changes, send notification messages to participants, and even provide access to presenters or exhibitors who want to edit their uploaded information.

With MeetingZilla, users choose what content to include and what features to add, such as social media connections or links to area attractions. With a swipe of the finger, event participants on any type of mobile device view the content uploaded to the event?s MeetingZilla-created portal, be it hotel information, a speaker?s bio, a map of exhibitor space or an evaluation form.

Best of all, customers can put MeetingZilla to work for their programs almost immediately.

?Customers want a solution that?s easy to set up and provides added value to their event participants without blowing up the event budget or adding a lot of work to the process,? said Chandler. ?MeetingZilla is designed to give users the ability to create an impressive mobile footprint with no training and no cost.?

About MeetingZilla

MeetingZilla is a web-based, content management tool designed to help administrators publish their event content online in an easy-to-access mobile format. To learn more about the product, visit the website at http://www.meetingzilla.com.

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