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Jetsoft Group Inc., a leading global provider of business project software for Contractors, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), Owners and Services firms, today announced their release of a fully integrated Procurement system to add to their 4castplus Project Cost Management Solution. This newest addition will provide for a tighter, more collaborative environment between Procurement and Project Management on major construction projects.

With the seamless movement of data and elimination of redundant effort provided in this system; communication and auditability challenges that often exist between project management and procurement are removed. ?Many of our industry partners and clients participated in the design of this module to maximize its efficiency, controls and benefit,? says Jetsoft Group?s Chief Financial Officer Kim Tremblay. ?We wanted to be sure it was clear, easy to use and provided key advantages to their businesses.?

This strategic addition to 4castplus will allow Contractors, Owners and EPCM firms to see tangible benefits such as:

????True One-Touch data. Organizations seeking to reduce the need to re-key data from one place to the next will achieve the control and simplicity of One-Touch data. With 4castplus, information only goes in once; then is used in multiple places for multiple purposes in a collaborative, multi-user environment. A quantity of material, for example, may originate on an estimate (even imported from take-off); then be attached to a Purchase Requisition, added to an RFQ, allocated to a Purchase Order, expedited as a key deliverable, tracked as a committed cost, reported on in numerous ways, invoiced to the client, and synchronized with the ERP. All without the need to ever re-enter it.
????Two-way workflow. Project purchasing often requires a great deal of back and forth between the project manager and procurement. 4castplus procurement facilitates this bi-directional workflow with easy allocations, status updates and message passing. This increases transparency, reduces errors and vastly improves communication and project cost controls.
????Full Commitment Cost Tracking. With 4castplus integrated cost & revenue tracking, all purchase order commitments can be individually tracked upon full or partial receipt ? or tracked as progress for contracted services. Exceptions or overages from original committed amount are logged for easy reporting.
????Monitor and Track Changes. RFIs and Change orders are common on construction projects, and 4castplus has created a smooth integration between change management and procurement. Committed purchase orders can be updated and re-negotiated while leveraging the tightly controlled audit-trail of change orders.

?We?re excited to offer this unique capability to our existing and prospective clients,? says Chris Ronak, CEO. ?Even in today?s economy, construction projects still need to go forward. So companies are looking for ways to control costs, gain efficiencies and get a competitive edge. 4castplus delivers tremendous enablers for achieving these key objectives. No-one else can provide this level of collaboration and efficiency on a construction project.?

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More on 4castplus

4castplus is the first web and cloud-based solution to offer total real-time Project Cost Management in a single powerful software tool. With its performance-driven features, 4castplus delivers a centralized and streamlined solution to Construction, Energy, Utilities and EPC organizations. Features that include: Estimating, Time-Phased Budgeting, Change Management, Procurement, Real-time Project Tracking & Reporting for LEM, Purchase Order Management, Cash-Flow Reporting, Customer Invoicing, Document Control and Forecasting for Earned Value Management. 4castplus helps companies around the globe get better project results while enhancing their competitive edge; all at a low total cost of ownership that delivers up to 30 times ROI. For a quick tour of features, visit the 4castplus Quick Tour.

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