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Rich Dad Education Canada has made a donation of 150 copies of the books Rich Dad Poor Dad and Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education. Both of these powerful books are written by investor, entrepreneur, educator, and bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki. They are designed to provide the type of financial education that Kiyosaki feels is lacking in conventional education.

The books will be given away in connection with two presentations that local investor and entrepreneur Kory MacKinnon is giving to students interested in Student Works Painting. The first event will be held on Thursday, January 9th at the Greyhawk Golf Club, 4999 Boundary Road, Cumberland, Ontario. The second takes place on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at the Country Club, 20 Lloyd Street, Woodbridge, Ontario. Both of these daylong events begin at 8:30 a.m. with MacKinnon scheduled to give the keynote address at 10 a.m. Seventy-five books will be distributed at each of MacKinnon?s appearances on a first come, first served basis.

MacKinnon acknowledges that he started his own journey to financial independence when he first read Robert Kiyosaki?s international best seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

From there, he began a long and fruitful association with Student Works Painting, starting out as a franchisee in 1997 and eventually working his way up to Vice President of the company. MacKinnon next turned his attention to real estate investing, enrolling as a student of Rich Dad Education Canada in 2012.

Thanks to the financial education he received, MacKinnon acquired enough cash-flowing properties that he was able to devote his attention to full-time investing at the start of 2013. His company now owns rental properties in Sarnia, Brightsgrove, Camlachie, and London, Ontario.

MacKinnon shares Robert Kiyosaki?s and Rich Dad Education?s belief that success must be shared with each new generation. This is one of the reasons Mr. McKinnon will be speaking to students on January 9th and 16th about the benefits of entrepreneurship in general and Student Works Painting in particular.

Student Works Painting in Markham, Ontario, is one of the largest painting companies in Canada, with over 250,000 homes painted since 1981. The company has been helping college students run their own summer painting businesses for over thirty years.

?I think student entrepreneurship is a great cause and I am committed to helping in any way I can,? MacKinnon said. ?Robert Kiyosaki?s books and his Rich Dad philosophy really helped change my life and I am hoping that my talk and these free books will inspire others to find their own path to financial freedom. I want to thank Rich Dad Education Canada, not only for the financial education I received, but for helping me in my efforts to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.?

?We are always gratified to see our students become successful investors,? remarked Kurt Warner, Director of Marketing for Rich Dad Education Canada. ?When we heard about Kory MacKinnon?s efforts to share his success, we were only too happy to assist him. We hope that every book we donate can help these students find the success they deserve.?

Those interested in obtaining more information about Rich Dad Education Canada can visit the company?s website at

NOTE: Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.

About Rich Dad? Education Inc.:

For over twenty years, Rich Dad Education Inc. has been a global and leading provider of educational training seminars, conferences, and services to help students become financially literate. All of the company?s Rich Dad branded offerings are based on the principles, insights, and teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, investor, entrepreneur and author of the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad. The company provides students with comprehensive instruction and mentoring in real estate and financial instruments investing in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and worldwide. Our seminars are avocational in nature and are intended for the purpose of the accumulation of wealth by, and the personal enrichment, development and enjoyment of, our students. A schedule of their free workshops is available by visiting and Additional information can be found at


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